Advocates and Allies for Equity

Advocates & Allies for Equity

The Advocates and Allies for Equity are a community of faculty, graduate students, and staff who strive to reduce inequity and bias at Indiana University Bloomington, with a focus on gender and its intersection with other minoritized identities. We also seek  to reduce the burden of this work on our minoritized colleagues, and to that end, the leadership team is largely composed  of men who acknowledge their privilege and use it to affect change.


The Advocates & Allies for Equity group has developed numerous workshops to encourage stronger allyship at IUB and beyond. These sessions have been presented to the broad IU community as well as presented (by request) to departments and offices.  

  • Intro to Bias & Gender Equity 
  • Beyond Bias: Bystander Intervention 
  • Better Allies & Co-Conspirators 
  • Equity in the Classroom 
  • Common Traps in Allyship 
  • Community Talkback sessions 
  • Graduate Student Professional Development Seminar 
  • Coffee & Conversation series 

We offer in-person workshops as well as asynchronous workshop modules. If you’d like to request a presentation for your office or department, email

Our Mission

Advocates & Allies for Equity believes that change is affected by raising awareness of inequity and bias at IUB through education and recruitment of a diverse community of allies. 

  • Collaborate with other offices to advocate for gender equity 
  • Create a network of allies, particularly focusing on IUB men, and educate them and ourselves about gender inequity 
  • Recruit and educate a diverse network of allies, with particular encouragement of men to become allies to women 
  • Recognize one’s privilege and use it to affect change 
  • Engage in proactive activities that foster a gender-inclusive climate 
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the hiring/recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students. 
  • Promote the recognition of women’s accomplishments 


How to participate in our ally pledge

The Ally Pledge is designed to support you in reflecting on and deepening your understanding of equity issues on campus. It encourages you to take concrete actions as an ally for equity and to promote more action-based allyship on campus.

This pledge is open only at the beginning of the semester. Those who take the pledge will be listed on theSee our local allies” page for the respective academic year. At the end of each semester, ally pledgers will be invited to a roundtable meeting which aims to foster cross-campus conversation and collective learning of allyship.  

Become an ally for equity at IUB by taking this action pledge. Learn about its purpose and how it works.   

Ally Pledge Form


We offer a unit/department-based semi-structured workshop. This program aims to offer a transformational learning environment for men, encouraging them to partake in creating a more equitable institutional climate that supports the advancement of women faculty and staff and other underrepresented groups on campus. The program offers a cross-campus network of male Allies and enable them to foster an institutional culture for gender equity. The facilitation is led by male advocates. We accept facilitation requests in the Fall and deliver the facilitation in the Spring semester.  

Request A&A Facilitation for your unit/department! For more information and facilitation request, please contact us at