Tenure-Track Faculty

Understanding the tenure and promotion process

University policies guiding tenure and promotion uphold the right of every candidate to be reviewed in a process that is fair, transparent, and consistent with official policies and sanctioned practices.

An appreciation for the efficacy of rigorous and continuous peer review of faculty performance and professional conduct is foundational to the campus’s tenure and promotion system.

Our office helps tenure-track (TT) faculty navigate the probationary period toward an eventual tenure decision, and associate professors prepare for promotion to full professor. We sponsor a variety of workshops tailored to specific stages of the tenure-track career.

We are always happy to meet individually with faculty who have unique questions or needs.

Pre-tenure faculty workshops

  • Anticipating the promotion and tenure process (year one or two)—This workshop provides an overview of the tenure and promotion review process. We detail what to exect and how you can begin documenting your research, teaching, and service in preparation for your tenure review.
  • Preparing the tenure dossier (year three, four, or five)—We provide detailed information on the tenure review process, the eDossier system, and advice on documenting your research, teaching, and service contributions.

Tenured faculty workshops

  • Recently tenured faculty—Designed for faculty who have received tenure in the past few years, this workshop provides resources relevant to mid-career faculty about the unique challenges of this career stage and some of the paths pursued by colleagues.
  • Promotion to full professor—This workshop is designed for faculty who wish to go up for promotion to full professor in the next few years. You’ll receive detailed information on the promotion review process and the eDossier system, as well as advice on documenting your research, teaching, and service contributions.

Alternative accessible formats of the PDF documents on this page can be obtained by contacting VPFAA at vpfaa@indiana.edu.