Our story

On June 1, 1940, in response to increasing demands upon the President's Office, President Herman B Wells created the position of Dean of Faculties to assume many responsibilities once overseen by the university president. This included overseeing the administration of academic affairs. In creating this office, university president Herman B Wells hoped to distribute his duties, particularly during his absences, by giving the dean of the faculties responsibility for undertaking some of the public appearances, acting on academic problems and proposals, and serving as a member of all university faculty groups.  After administrative re-organization in 1969, the dean of the faculties came to report to the chancellor of the Bloomington campus, with responsibilities for faculty matters, including appointment, leaves, promotion and tenure, and grievances, and review of curricular and degree program proposals for the campus. In 2010 the name of the office was changed to the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs with the mission of working to enrich our campus community by furthering the primacy of the academic mission, advocating for faculty, and enhancing teaching and learning.

Those who have served as Dean of Faculties / Vice Chancellor / Vice Provost

Herman T. BriscoeVice President & Dean of the Faculties1939-1959
Ralph CollinsVice President & Dean of the Faculties1959-1963
Ray L. Heffner, Jr.Vice President & Dean of the Faculties1964-1966
Joseph L. SuttonVice President & Dean of the Faculties1966-1968
Joseph R. HartleyVice President & Dean of the Faculties1968-1969
Henry H. RemakVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties1969-1974
Harrison ShullVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties1974-1975
Margaret Jean Intons-PetersonVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties1974-1977
Frank A. FranzVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties1978-1983
Anya Peterson RoyceVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties1983-1993
Deborah FreundVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties1994-1999
Moya L. AndrewsVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties1999-2004
Jeanne SeptVice Chancellor & Dean of the Faculties2004-2009
Thomas F. GierynVice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs2010-2015
Eliza K. PavalkoVice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs2015-2022
Kimberly GeeslinVice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs2022-2023
Carrie Docherty Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs2023-Present