Horizons of Knowledge Lecture Fund

Sharing knowledge across the campus community

The Horizons of Knowledge Lecture Fund provides financial support to faculty interested in bringing lecturers or performers to the IU Bloomington campus who would appeal to large audiences, including undergraduate students. 

Guidelines and Application

Amount of funding

Funding is typically between $50 and $600 and will be applied to the speaker’s honorarium or approved travel expenses. Funds will be limited to a maximum of $600 per inviting sponsor request for each academic year with priority given to academic units which have not received funding during the current academic year.

Horizons of Knowledge funds cannot exceed total department contributions. Funds are not to be used for hospitality or entertainment (these types of expenses must be shared by members of the cooperating departments, or obtained from other sources).

How to apply

To apply for Horizons of Knowledge Lecture Series funding, see the guidelines and application form.

Note: If you are inviting an international speaker, please contact the Office of International Services for information on appropriate visas.

You will also need to upload the following application materials:

  • The speaker’s curriculum vitae
  • A brief description of the speaker’s qualifications
  • A brief abstract of the presentation
  • Brief supporting memos from the sponsoring department and each academic unit co-sponsoring the lecture to demonstrate matching funds for the amount requested.


Need more information? Contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs at vpfaa@indiana.edu.