Tenure & Promotion


eDossier is a secure electronic system used for all tenure and promotion decisions that receive campus-level review. In addition to providing a repository for the faculty member’s materials, eDossier ensures that only the faculty assigned to review the dossier have access to the materials.

Typically eDossier is available to a faculty member the spring semester before their dossier is submitted for review.

The folders in eDossier match IU Bloomington’s dossier checklist, which can be found in the guidelines documents (see links above), or click HERE for a quick link to the checklist.

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Our campus is responsive to the immediate and long-term impact of the pandemic. In 2021 we updated our practices so that all external evaluators receive the following:

a. an IUB Institutional Fact Sheet (click for downloadable pdf) that describes the changes that occurred at IUB and in the surrounding community in response to the pandemic. Faculty may also include this in annual review materials to demonstrate impact and identify restrictions that are relevant to their own work.

b. an invitation letter with language about how to evaluate candidates with regard to clock extensions. The template for the invitation letter can be found on the last pages of the Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion Reviews at IUB guidelines and the Guidelines for Promotion Reviews for Research, Teaching and Clinical Ranks at IUB.

Alternative accessible formats of the PDF documents on this page can be obtained by contacting VPFAA at vpfaa@indiana.edu.