Advocates and Allies for Equity

Advocates & Allies for Equity

Our community of faculty and staff strive to raise awareness about gender inequality and reduce bias at Indiana University, Bloomington. Our leadership team connects with other faculty and graduate students (primarily men) to promote and support efforts toward equity, focused on gender and its intersections, at Indiana University Bloomington.


Mission & Goals

  • Collaborate with OVPFAA and other offices to advocate for gender equity.
  • Create a network of allies, particularly focusing on IUB men, and educate them and ourselves about gender inequity.
  • Engage in proactive activities that foster a gender-inclusive climate.
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the hiring/recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and graduate students.
  • Promote the recognition of women’s accomplishments.
  • Serve, both individually and as a group, as a resource, primarily for men, on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Imbed intersectionality in our approaches to discussing and advocating for gender equity.


The Advocates & Allies for Equity group has developed numerous workshops to encourage stronger allyship at IUB and beyond. These sessions have been presented to the broad IU community as well as presented (by request) to departments and offices. If you’d like to request a presentation for your office or department, email

  • Intro to Bias & Gender Equity
  • Beyond Bias: Bystander Intervention
  • Better Allies & Co-Conspirators
  • Equity in the Classroom
  • Common Traps in Allyship
  • Community Talkback sessions
  • Coffee & Conversation series

We also frequently collaborate with others to present new topics to our allies, including:

  • Emotional Intelligence with Justin Woods
  • Intersectionality with Jessice Hille