Temporary Housing Guidelines


The "Temporary Housing" webpage is a courtesy service provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs created to assist academic appointees with temporary housing needs, especially visitors, new appointees, and those taking leave of absence. This listing is solely for property for rent, not for sale. (Please note: You must be an IU Bloomington faculty (current or emeriti), current staff member, or current student to post an ad to this list; and be the individual to request the listing.)  You must provide, for internal use only, your campus address, phone and/or email.  

For inclusion in this list, complete the form (see link below). You will be asked for your affiliation; rental rate (include whether utilities are included); a brief, one-paragraph format, description of the property, and the contact information you wish to provide for interested parties.  It is not possible to post photos to the webpage, however if you have a personal webpage for the property, you can provide a URL to be included.

The webpage is updated once a week, typically on Fridays. Listings will run for a period of three months and will be automatically removed at that time. If your listing is fulfilled before the three-month period is up, please use the "removal form" (see link below) so that the listing can be removed.  As your three month expiration approaches and you wish to renew, please resubmit your listing with a note in the bottom field indicating "renew".


Please be advised: It is completely your responsibility (as a landloard/renter) to establish written agreements/contracts and the terms contained therein.  The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs (VPFAA) provides this page solely as a courtesy service and therefore cannot be held liable. All parties should also keep abreast of City of Bloomington housing regulations: https://bloomington.in.gov/housing.

Be Aware: Some individuals have attempted to scam members of the Bloomington community who are offering housing for rent. The scam involves forged money orders and requests for partial refunds. While most offers from prospective tenants are legitimate, use caution before providing any funds to potential renters.

Attention renters: Another rental option is to contact Indiana University Real Estate Department's Property Management Division. They can be contacted at 812-855-3054. Available dwellings include one, two, and four bedroom apartments and two, three, and five bedroom houses. All are available in close proximity to campus. To be eligible to rent a university dwelling, an applicant must be a full-time faculty member, staff member or student.