Campus-Wide Award Audit

Campus-Wide Award Audit

This initiative is aimed at assessing access to recognition, equity in service assignments and also the immediate pressures that the pandemic has placed on faculty, particularly those who engage most in mentoring of students and colleagues. We have asked award granting units across campus to consider the following:

• Do all required documents for a given award contribute meaningfully to decision-making?

• Can demands on nominators/recommenders be reduced?

• How transparent and accessible is the path to nomination? Is there a bottleneck in the nomination path (e.g., nominations by a single individual defined by role, rather than expertise of knowledge of the nominee)?

• Is the pool of nominees as representative as it should be?

We are tracking the results of this process, providing support for various campus units and contextualizing these efforts within our own institutional context, as described through surveys of faculty satisfaction and in-depth analyses of differences in satisfaction by rank and by gender.

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