IU Bloomington Academic Policies

D. Governance and Review

TitleNumberAdministering Office

Review Procedures for Administrators on the Bloomington Campus

Outlines review procedures for administrators on the Bloomington campus.

BL-ACA-D6Office of the Provost

Elected Policy Committees in Schools and Colleges

Recommends the establishment of an elected faculty policy committee at each school.

BL-ACA-D7IU Bloomington School Faculties

Constitution of the Bloomington Faculty

The constitution of the Bloomington Faculty.

BL-ACA-D8Bloomington Faculty Council

Bylaws of the Bloomington Faculty Council of Indiana University

Bylaws of the Bloomington Faculty Council of Indiana University

BL-ACA-D9Bloomington Faculty Council

Budgetary Affairs Committees

Requires that each academic responsibility center (RCM) shall institute a faculty budgetary affairs committee.

BL-ACA-D15IU Bloomington Responsibility Centers

Creation, Reorganization, Elimination, and Merger of Academic Units and Program

Process required to create, reorganize, eliminate or merge academic units on the Bloomington campus.

BL-ACA-D16Bloomington Faculty Council

Academic Program Initiatives

Confirms the authority of school faculty to establish and revise academic programs.

BL-ACA-D18Bloomington Faculty Council

IU Bloomington Procedures For Program Reviews

Outlines procedures for program reviews.

BL-ACA-D20Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs

Grievance and Review Procedures of the Bloomington Faculty

This policy describes the composition, roles, and procedures of the two committees handling  faculty review functions.

BL-ACA-D22Bloomington Faculty Council

SAA Mediation Committee

Describes mediation process for grievances brought by student academic appointees.

BL-ACA-D23Bloomington Faculty Council

SAA Board of Review

Describes Board of Review process for student academic appointees.

BL-ACA-D24Bloomington Faculty Council

Faculty Misconduct Policy

Establishes process for reviewing faculty misconduct.

BL-ACA-D27Bloomington Faculty Council

Recommendations To Departments On SAA Grievances

Contains recommendations for departments in handling student academic appointee grievances. 

BL-ACA-D28Bloomington Faculty Council

Student Academic Appointee Mediation Procedures

Includes procedures for student academic appointee mediation process.

BL-ACA-D29Bloomington Faculty Council