Housing Wanted

The housing request list below is offered to help academic appointees find temporary housing, especially visitors and new appointees. This request list is solely for rental inquires.

For inclusion in this list, please read the Housing Request Guidelines for instructions.

  • I am a professor of Religious Studies (just retired) whose true religions are cycling and football (soccer.) I will be ayh in Bloomington between May 7th - June 7th and am looking to rent a place while, thanks to a Lilly Library fellowship, I do my research for my book on the history and culture of cycling in the Middle East.  A centrally located apartment in a quiet building or a house is what I am looking for. Sunshine and the songs of birds are preferred as they fill my heart with joy. References available upon request.

    Contact Person: Alon Raab
    Email: akraab@ucdavis.edu

  • I am an incoming professor in the Jacobs School of Music and am looking for a year lease to begin July 2016. I have a wife and daughter, as well as a dog (Beagle) and cat. We prefer a 3+ bedroom/2 bath house with a fenced-in backyard in a quiet neighborhood, with a monthly rent of no more than $1400. We are responsible renters (we own a rental home ourselves) and have references available upon request. We will be in Bloomington May 5-8 to look for housing.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Email: frankdiaz07@gmail.com

  • I am a 31 year old (male) and recent law and public affairs graduate from Wisconsin who will be visiting IU as fellow for approximately two months, from June 6-July 29. I am in need of lodging and interested in affordable renting options. I am also open to any house-sitting opportunities, including those which involve caring for pets or doing yard work – both of which I enjoy. I am easy going and flexible (a former Peace Corps volunteer) but seek a clean and quite environment; otherwise, my only other request is a place to park. When I am not on campus, I might occasionally visit friends and family who live a couple hours away in IN and OH. I also expect to be playing soccer, biking, golfing, and exploring what I’ve heard is a beautiful campus and community.  I would gladly provide references upon request. Thanks!

    Email: chrdruss@indiana.edu

  • I am an engineer with the Media Preservation and Digitization Initiative at IU. I have been living in a rental property with graduate students in Bloomington for seven months, but now need a private residence (apartment/house/condo) for my wife and I. She is currently an elementary school teacher in Florida and will be joining me in Bloomington on or near June 16, 2016. We need a temporary residence while we search for a house to purchase in Bloomington. One or two bedrooms would be fine. We also have a well-behaved, elderly dachshund. We are responsible professionals and will be respectful of your property. I am hoping to confirm our housing plans as soon as possible. Thank you!​

    Contact Person: Rob
    Phone: 407-325-7839
    Email: rcmobley@iu.edu